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Guwahati city of Assam,  gateway to this mystic land of seven states, better known as ‘The Seven Sisters’. A major tourist destination in itself, Guwahati is a perfect mix of cultural heritage, nature trails, food hubs, shopping districts and a buzzing nightlife. Not to mention the long list of weekend getaways which are waiting to be explored!

The capital of the state of Assam, Dispur, is located within Guwahati. Serviced by Lokpriya Gopinath International Airport towards the west and India’s first fully solar-powered railway station at its heart, the city is well connected to other regions of the state and India. Millions of people each year traverse through the city for their livelihood, travels or for religious purposes. Kamakhya Temple, located at the top of the Nilachal Hill and dedicated to Goddess Kamakhya, plays host to thousands of devotees each day. Lakhs of pilgrims and tourists throng to this holy site during the Ambubachi Mela each year. Apart from the Temple of Kamakhya, other sacred temples such as Umananda and Navagraha are also present in the city.

Guwahati has been one of the frontrunners in terms of Education in the North-Eastern Region of India. It houses some of the best-rated institutions in the country, namely Indian Institute of Guwahati (IITG) and Guwahati Medical College (GMC) in the fields of engineering and medicine respectively. Subsequently, the recent influx of more students and scholars has led to the betterment of infrastructure and modern-day amenities in the city. The two major roads – G.S Road and R.G Baruah Road, houses many malls, restaurants and theatres, thus forming the major entertainment and shopping hub in this rising cosmopolitan.